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Seed Unit




Dr. M.S. Lokesh


Special Officer (Seeds)

Seed Unit, Udyanagiri

UHS, Bagalkot-587 104

Mobile:  9480696394 (O)

               8123466734 (P)



Dr. Shivayogi Ryavalad

              M.Sc. (Agri.)., PhD (SST)

Assistant Professor (SST) & Nodal Scientist (seeds)


Seed Unit, Udyanagiri

UHS, Bagalkot-587 104

Mobile: +91-8861067360


Dr. Bapurayagouda B. Patil

        M.Sc. (Agri.), Ph. D (SST), PGD (IPR)

Assistant Professor (Seed Sci. & Tech)

Seed Unit, Udyanagiri

UHS, Bagalkot-587 104

Mobile: +91-7090233355/9740883577




Seeds availability at UHSB




 Seed Testing Lab



Seed Processing Unit


Threshing yard





                Seed is the critical input for achieving sustainable production and efficacy of all other inputs depends upon quality supply of seed to farmers at right time. Development of improved varieties/ hybrids in various crops, supported by efficient, cost effective seed production system is the key for securing agricultural production. Karnataka state is endowed with varied agro-climatic conditions making it suitable for successful cultivation of different horticulture crops like fruits, vegetables, spices, plantations crops, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants on commercial scale.  Horticulture crops are known to give high net returns per unit area and also ensure nutritionals security to mankind.  In Karnataka important vegetables cultivated are onion, chilli, tomato, brinjal, bhendi, cucurbits, cole crops, leafy vegetables, root vegetables and beans. Karnataka produces about 17.80 million MT of horticulture produce from an area of 1.87 million hactare accounting for 7.40% of horticultural production in the country. Major share of production is from vegetables (50.88%), fruits (35.25%) and plantation Crops (10.07%).  The productivity of vegetables in India (15.3 t/ha) and Karnataka (16.07 t/ha) is low as compared to other vegetable producing countries. In order to enhance the productivity, the quality seeds of improved varieties are most essential.  The timely availability of quality seeds in required quantity at farmer’s doorstep is absolutely necessary. Realizing the importance of quality seed in horticultural production, the University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot started a separate independent Seed Unit at University main campus during 2013 under National Horticulture Mission with a budget outlay of 192.94 lakhs with Special Officer (Seeds) as administrative head to address the problems related to seed production, seed processing, seed testing and seed research activities of horticultural crops with production and supply good quality seeds to the farmers.


The University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot is unique in producing high quality Seeds, Planting material (grafts) and Tissue culture plants.  This includes foundation/certified/TL seeds of popular varieties of onion, chilli, bhendi, palak, drumstick, coriander, garden pea, methi, cucurbits, tomato, beans etc. in farmer’s field under Scientists-Farmers participatory mode seed production programme and also in college/research farms. Similarly, the University is also producing the genuine and pedigree quality planting materials in mango, sapota, guava, jamun, custard apple, lime, aonla, fig, pepper, tamarind, wood apple, coconut, drumstick, curry leaf, medicinal and ornamental crops from a pedigree mother block which is accredited by National Horticulture Board.  The university is also producing disease free tissue culture plants in banana, pomegranate, drumstick and ornamental crops at various research stations and colleges.

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