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Programme organised by the Directorate of Extension, UHS, Bagalkot from Inception till March 2021

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Activities Carried Out

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April 2008 to March 2021


Field visits of Vice Chancellors and Officers of UHS: The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. K. M. Indiresh accompanied by officers of the university visit the innovative, outstanding, problematic and special farms to witness and recommend futuristic crops and to encourage advantageous cropping systems in all the visited farms.

Every sunday

ವಾರದ ಕ್ಷೇತ್ರ ಭೇಟಿ


Diagnostic Field Visits:  by the team of scientists for crop surveillance and to suggest remedies, prophylactic and control measures at times of cropping seasons.



Need based Practical Trainings to various stake holders: The Directorate of Extension with HEEU’s and KVK orgainsed need based trainings on skill development in Horticulture crops, production, protection and processing of horticulture crops.



Agri-clinic and agri business centres: The University of Horticultural Sciences has been identified as Nodal Training Centre to impart agri business entrepreneurship development technical training for 60 days for the selected unemployed farm University graduates and agri horti diploma holders to promote agri clinics and agri business centres.

ACABC training sponsored by MANAGE was conducted during August-September 2019 for 33 trainees.


Diploma in agriculture extension service for input dealers (DAESI) : Diploma courses to input dealers was conducted from July 2019 to February 2021 at Directorate of Extension, UHS, Bagalkot.  Similarly in KVK Kolar from May2019 to November  2020 and in COH, Mysuru from January 2021 to December 2021 have organized one programme each during reporting year.

 3 Courses 


Producer Organization Promoting Centre (POPI) :  The NABARD has sanctioned Producer Organization Promoting Centre (POPI) to University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot on 26 February, 2019 for formation and Nurseries of 6 Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO’s) in Bagalkot district under Promoting Organization Development Fund – Interest Differential (PODF - ID) from this Producer Organization Promoting Centre (POPI).

1. Shree BasavSanjeevani Farmers Producers Company Limited, Tungala, Tq: Jamakhandi

2. Bagalkot Belegarara Farmers Producers Company Limited, Bagalkot

3. Jai BalaBhim Farmers Producers Company Limited, MuttaladinniTq: Bilagi

4. Krishi Kiran Farmers Producers Company Limited, Sunaga Tq: Bilagi

5. Rashtrottana Farmer Producer Company DhavaleshwarTq: Jamakhandi

6. Gavishree Farmers Producers Company Limited, ChittavadagiTq: Hunagund

 6 Nos


Horti War Room: The Director of Extension, UHS, Bagalkot form “Horti War room” groups under 12 HEEU’s and 1 KVK, Kolar to resolve the problems of farmers faced during Covid -19 situation through whatsapp groups, crop-based apps, and suggested the famers to get income from their produce. Further advised to the farmers by marketing of their produce and value addition through horti war room scientists. FPO organizations helps the farmers much.  

 13 groups under HEEU’s and  KVK


Technology Demonstrations & Farm Trials Including front Line Demonstrations on Method demonstrations, multi-locations trials and result demonstrations are conducted on the farmers’ field for the verification of the technology. The KVK conducted On-farm Trial (OFT), Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) allotted by the researchers on the farmers’ field and Method Demonstrations are organized by the extension staff of HEEU.




Field days and farmers’ Tours:  Field days are organized to disseminate and popularise the new technologies to show the principles and consistency of crops during right stage when the crops is in presentable form. Another extension activity that is farmers’ tours are also organized to educate farmers on best agricultural practices based on the principle of Seeing is Believing. 



Exhibitions: University organizes the exhibition during its Totagarika mela to showcase and transfer the technologies developed by the University. The University also participate in the Mega Agriculture Exhibitions organized by ICAR at Konkan Fruit Festival at Goa, Jamkhandi, UASD, UAHS, Shimoga, UASR and Pusa Krishi Mela, New Delhi In addition to the transfer of technology large number of University farm publications are sold to the farmers.



Horticulture Fair: The farm show was also organized along with the cannel exhibition live demonstration on precision farming were also exhibited. During the fair various interactions with farmers were conducted for all the 3 days.  Consultancy cell was performing the job of guiding the farmers for the problems posed by them.  The best horticulture farmer for every district within jurisdiction of University were also felicitated with a cash prize of Rs. 5,000/-, citation and memento.



Publications: The university has been publishing bi-monthly newsletter in english, quarterly kannada magazine entitled Udyanaloka and annual report both in kannada and english regularly since its inception. The technical bulletins written by university scientists and POP for horticulture crops, protective cultivation, vegetable crops and many other technical bulletins were also published.



Radio Talks: To reach the masses at a time an electronic media of radio is utilized by the scientists. Radio talks and phone in live programmes interviews are given on present issues in agriculture to reach the rural masses and the same are broadcasted through All India Radio, Bangalore / Dharwad / Bijapur/ Chitradurga / Gulbarga etc. 



TV Interviews: State level committee on Media Co-ordination is conducted with the participation of all the Universities and the developmental departments during which the topics and resource persons are finalized and accordingly the concerned scientists prepare talks and give TV Interviews.



IFS Project: In this project an amount 13 crores has been sanctioned for coverage of 25,000 hectares area in Phase-I and Phase-II. Further, beneficiaries are given inputs like seeds/ seedlings, planting materials, small field implements, animal components, new varieties released as an intervention by the University.

31 Units

(Project completed)


Extension support during natural calamity: During natural calamity like hail storm, UHS scientists took up survey of the damaged fields and suggested revival measures for the benefit of farming community. 



Popular articles and other extension services: All the publications of the university are also made available in our university website. In addition leaflets, folders, technical bulletin are also published for benefit of farming community. 



Udyana sahayavani: An innovative TOT approach through toll free Sahayavani was launched on 3rd Sept, 2016 by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor to address the day to day field based problems. The Toll number is 1800-425-7910.

Number of Calls received as on 31st March 2021 by different districts of Karnataka is 16559


Induction training for newly recruitted ADH and AHO of state dept. Of horticulture: As a refresher technical training one month training was imparted to newly recruited ADH and AHO of state dept. of Horticulture during 2016-17.

Total Number of Officers trained in 3 batches is 312


Prativara Parihara: Every monday of the week the day on which farmers attend family and personal work was chosen to invite farmers to attend prativara parihara an unique approach of the university  during 2020-21

Every monday in all 12 HEEU’s and KVK -1889


Unnat Krishi Abhiyan Programme: University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka, Directorate of Extension in collaboration with ICAR, New Delhi under Unnat Bharat Abhiyana organised five training programmes in horticulture for improving skills of Farm Youths.

Unnat Bharat Abhiyana was organised  in five locations namely Bagalkot, Arabhavi, Vijayapura, Devihosur and Yadgir to benefit 144 Youths of five districts.


PPV FRA Awareness Programme: Five one day awareness cum training programmes on Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act-2001 were organized.

A total of 735 innovative horticulture farmers of UHS Bagalkot Jurisdiction participated in the programmes.


Awareness Programme on Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana: The awareness workshop on Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana at COH, Kolar, in collaboration with KVK, Kolar was organised.

More than 450 farmers and farm women got benefitted from this programme.



Mera Gaon-Mera Gaurav: To promote interface of scientists with the farmers adopting villages to create awareness about organisations and their programmes and to make scientist to sense the ownership.

MG-MG has been implemented in 7 Districts of UHS, Jurisdiction by making 13 working units to work in 65 adopted villages.


Sasya Santhe: An event of sasya santhe was organised to ensure seeds and seedlings at accessable sale points.

Seedling of Guava, Mango, Pomegranate and seeds of  drumstick, chilli, onion, sunhemp and soybean to be  sold during the Sasya Santhe.


Seed Village Programme: Onion, Chilli and Drumstick seed production was undertaken in 144 acres of farmers land for multiplication of quality seeds.

Arka Kalyan and Bhima Red Onion seeds, Byadagi Dabbi chilli seeds and Bhagya Drumstick seeds were produced.



Director of Extension participated in Alemani Utsava-2021 at Sirsi on 22.01.2021   Horticulture Secretary , Horticulture Director and Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, UHSB visited NHF-2021 UHS Bagalkot stall on 08.02.2021
Inaguration of Coconut day 2020 by Hon'ble Vice Chanceat Arsikere   Inaguration of Potato Field Day at Somanahallikaval, Hassan by DR. K.M.Indiresh, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, UHSB, on 03.09.2020
Inaguration of Rashtrotthan FPO at Dhavaleshwar, Bagalkot, by Dr. K.M.Indiresh, Hon'ble Vice chancellor, UHSB on 10.03.2021 Inaguration of training programme on cashew production technology by Dr. K.M. Indiresh, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, UHSB   at Hogalagere, Kolar on 04.08.2020  
    Rashtrotthan FPO inaguration at Dhavaleshwar, Bagalkot, by Dr. K.M.Indiresh, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, UHSB on 10.03.2021
State level workshop on Chilli at Devihosur inagurated by Dr.K.M.Indiresh, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, UHSB, on 29.01.2021 UHS, Bagalkot bagged first prize in stall exhibition during NHF 2021 IIHR, Bengaluru on 12.02.2021  

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